Pomegranate Pisco Sour

I love a Pisco Sour. It's a light, frothy cocktail that just smacks of warm weather. As such, I typically make them in the summer time, but I needed a break from the heavy, spirit-forward drinks I've been drinking as the holiday season draws nearer. And while I'm making something that's typically considered a warm weather drink, why not do a seasonally appropriate version?

Pomegranates are in season right now. I tend not to eat them as they're a lot of work to open, but after finding this guy's video on how to deseed them quickly, I had a desire to make some pomegranate syrup for holiday cocktails.

And then, because I'm a lazy person, I thought "That's a lot of work. What about using Grenadine instead of putting in all that effort?". Because seriously, making your own pomegranate syrup is labor-intensive and expensive when you consider that you probably need at least 4-6 pomegranates to make 1 cup of syrup. If you don't want to put the work in, you could use store-bought juice, but I'm even lazier than that, so I decided to use a high-quality grenadine instead. I love tiki cocktails, so naturally I had a bottle of the BG Reynolds Lush Grenadine around the house. It's made with pomegranate and has hints of hibiscus aromatics, so it worked perfectly for adding pomegranate flavor, but with a tropical hint of hibiscus. Plus, it starts at $8.99 for a 375ml, pretty reasonable price.


I was gifted a bottle of Encanto Pisco's Grand & Noble expression recently, an Acholado style Pisco with notes of plum, peaches and almonds, as well as some mint and pepper. Because the Grenadine has Hibiscus aromatics to it, I decided to use lime juice instead of lemon for more of a tropical feel and I used my friend Ram's Passionfruit Bitters. They're so beautiful, refreshing, and bright. They are very light in color, so they won't show up much on the top of your drink, like many aromatic bitters will, but that's ok. They still give that beautiful, fresh bitterness that the drink needs. He actually has a recipe on his site for a passionfruit bitters foam that uses egg whites, which I might try on this drink when I make it again.


Pomegranate Pisco Sour

Combine all ingredients in a shaker without ice. Shake for 60 seconds (or use a milk frother like me, because again....lazy). Add ice and shake for 10 seconds. Double strain into a coupe. Add droplets of bitters to the top of the drink and swirl with a toothpick (they are very light and likely won't show up, but they taste great!). Enjoy!