Snap Pea + Mint Cocktail

I haven't worked much with what would be considered "savory" ingredients in cocktails. I have, of course, used cucumber, but that's as far as I've gone. Cucumber and Vodka and Cucumber and Gin seem to be popular combos, but I wanted to see what would happen if I did a cocktail with Cucumber and Pisco.

The idea of Cucumber and Pisco seemed like a great combo, but what if I took it a step further and added some Snap Peas? I feel like anytime you add veggies to a cocktail, it must make it healthier, right?? 

Snap Peas are sweet and crisp and you can eat the whole pod, not just the pea. For this recipe though, I chose just to use the peas, to rule out any unwanted bitterness that might come from the pod. I have also been experimenting lately with using Green Chartreuse in cocktails. I haven't haven't had a lot of experience with it in the past, but I wanted to branch out a little and try something a bit more out of my comfort zone.

Green Chartreuse has a slight minty quality to it and I thought that coupling it with Snap Peas would be a perfect combo, since Mint and Peas are often paired together in the culinary world. The Pisco was a natural choice, since it has some beautiful floral qualities to it and some distinct vegetal notes that you don't find in Vodka.

To top it all off, I wanted to add some Cucumber flavor to the mix. I chose to use a Cucumber Seltzer by Spindrift because It's light and refreshing and adds an very present Cucumber note to the drink. You could also muddle the Cucumber into the drink instead if you can't find the Spindrift, since I know it's not available everywhere (I got mine at Trader Joes). All in all, I was surprised at how much I liked this combo. It didn't feel like anything else I had tried before. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Snap Pea + Mint Cocktail

  • 1 1/2 oz Pisco Capurro
  • 1/2 oz Lime Juice
  • 1/2 oz Simple Syrup
  • 1/4 oz Green Chartreuse
  • 8-12 Snap Peas (removed from the pods)
  • Mint
  • Spindrift Cucumber Seltzer


Muddle 4 leaves of Mint, Peas, Lime Juice, and Simple Syrup in the bottom of a mixing glass. Be sure not to mash too much, you don't want the mint to become bitter. Add remaining ingredients except the seltzer and shake with ice. Double strain into a Collins Glass filled with ice. Garnish with sprigs of fresh Mint and a Snap Pea Pod.