Classic Cocktail Video Series: The Sidecar

Continuing with the Classic Cocktail Video Series, in this week's installment you'll find instruction on how to make the classic Sidecar cocktail.

This drink's history is much disputed. Who invented it, when and where, seems to vary depending on who you ask. Some say it was invented around the turn of the century, other's say sometime after World War One. Some credit Paris bartender Harry MacElhone of Harry's Bar, others credit Pat MacGarry of Buck's of London with inventing it. Whoever invented it, I thank them for it, because it's a simple but beautiful cocktail. Plus, as a 3 ingredient cocktail, there are so many variations you can make, just by switching out either the type of citrus, the cognac, or the orange liqueur. It's a great drink to play with at home if you want to see what small variations in a cocktail recipe can do for the overall taste. Try it out and let me know what you think.